Refund and Returns Policy

Due to the specialised packing and shipping conditions for livestock, we cannot accept any returns of livestock. guarantees the live delivery of livestock and to further assure you we commit to the following:

Note: Refunds do not apply to shipping cost.

  1. If the fish does not arrive alive, or dies in the first 24h. We will offer a full refund of your money or offer store credit, clients choice.
  2. If the fish dies between the second and fifth day, you will be refunded in store credit.
  3. If the order is lost or damaged upon arrival, we will offer a replacement at no cost. However, for the refund to apply we require the following steps to be followed:
    1. Inform us immediately upon receipt of the order by telephone at + 353 877934693
    2. Send pictures / videos of same to us immediately of both fish, packing or other relevant information.
    3. Do not throw away the fish or packing. Please keep the fish refrigerated which needs to be returned, on our expense.
  4. The returns policy does not apply if these steps are not followed.


Feel free to contact us during opening times posted on and contact details on website.