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DiscusX Protect X – For 1660 liters – 20 g (Chloramine-T) is used as an important and reliable disinfectant for many years with good efficiency and low toxicity for fish, shrimp and aquatic environments. Chloramin-T is used in salt, brackish and freshwater environments.

All-round disinfectant : Disinfection of aquariums, nets and equipment. Chloramin-T ensures that pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed quickly and effectively.

Safe to use: As with all biocides, protective measures are required, but can be handled with simple safety equipment. Chloramin-T is non-toxic to fish and shrimp at effective doses and leaves no residues in the animals.

Safe for the environment: Biodegradable and is therefore the safe alternative to dangerous chemicals. It is not toxic to the aquatic environment.

Effectiveness: Chloramin-T is effective against many microorganisms related to water facilities. Some of them are listed below, but the field of use of chloramine-T is much wider.


Aeromonas salmonicida (Furunculosis)
Flexibacter maritimus (Marine columnaris)
Flavobacterium branchiophilum (BGD)
Flavobacterium columnaris (Columnaris)
Vibrio anguillarum (Vibriosis)
Vibrio harveyi


Hemorrhagic septicemia virus




Gyrodactylus salaris
Ichthyobodo necator (Costia)
Ichthyophthirius multifilis (Vitaprick)
Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis (Amoebic Gill Disease)


Dosage of ProtectX

WARNING: This step is very important, you need to know the pH and GH of your water to determine a safe dosage level. Using a higher dose than what is allowed based on your pH / GH level can cause serious injury or death to the fish. If you are unsure or on the borderline, choose the lower concentration.

Treatment – Discus and Koi – Short water bath:

The first step is to prepare a chloramine-T solution by dissolving 2 scoops (included) or 2 g of chloramine-T powder in one liter of water, which is mixed until completely dissolved.

Place the fish in a bath of clean water (without chlorine or chloramine) add an oxygen stone for aeration. Then add 1 ml of mixed chloramine-T solution for each liter of water bath (equivalent to 2 mg/l concentration).

Keep the fish in the bath for a maximum of 5 hours, keep an eye on the fish during this period. If you notice signs that the fish cannot tolerate the treatment, you must stop and put it back in the aquarium.

This bath can be repeated daily up to 5 days.

Use this equation to calculate how many mL of the mixed solution to add to the short bath water:

X (ml) = (WB x C) / 2

Where: X = The amount of water that needs to be added to the short bath in (ml) to achieve your target concentration.

WB = Amount of water in the bath in (L)

C = Your target concentration Chloramie-T concentration (from the table)


If your water pH is 7.0 and GH is <6 dH from the table, you must use 10 mg/l bath. If your bath is 30L of water, calculate as follows:
X (ml) = (30 x 10) / 2 = 150 ml; this means you need to add 150ml from the mixed solution to your 30L bath to achieve a concentration of 10mg/L chloramine-T.

Treatment – Discus – Long water bath:

Add 1 scoop (included) or 1 g of Chloramine-T powder to 330 liters of aquarium water. This will produce a concentration of 3 mg/l. Use this bath for 24 hours followed by at least a 90% water change. Can be repeated up to four days in a row.

Other companion fish:

Chloramin-T has not been extensively tested on other pet fish, so use at your own risk. Here again water hardness and pH are two important parameters to consider in order to adapt concentration to your own conditions. Always do a small test first.

Other areas of use

Disinfection of aquariums: It is very important to clean and disinfect aquariums when they are emptied to avoid contamination of the next start-up. Start by cleaning to remove the organic material and then disinfect by spraying or rinsing with a 1% Chloramine-T solution (or with 2% for heavy contamination).

Disinfection of equipment: Spray all equipment used in fish farming with a 1% chloramine-T solution or immerse the equipment in the chloramine-T solution for 30 minutes.

Disinfection of nets: A 1-2% chloramine-T solution is used for disinfection for 30 minutes.

Disinfection of fish eggs: To reduce contamination on the surface of the eggs, fish eggs can be dipped in a 1 g / l chloramine-T solution for 10 minutes, followed by washing with clean water.

ProtectX concentration

Caution: Store in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children. For pet fish only, may not be used on fish intended for food.